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Our expertise and services

CPMA, a representative of the public sector, started to share its valuable practical experience with other countries by providing its consultancy services in the public sector as well as participating in EU Twinning and Technical Assistance projects, organizing study visits, internships and international trainings and more.

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  1. Areas of expertise and services

    1. Twinning Projects

    2. International Trainings

    3. Programme and Project Management

    4. Study Visits

    5. Professional Consultations

    6. Individual Expert Activities


Twinning Projects


Firstly, CPMA can propose financial-administrative management of Twinning projects, which include the following services:

  • Consultatations of Twinning project workplan, budget, Twinning Contract and throughout the whole project implementation;
  • Registration of all costs, accounting; 
  • Preparation of financial part of Quarterly and Final Twinning project reports; 
  • Preparation of payment requests according to Twinning Contract;
  • Preparation of adjustments of the budget of Twinning Contract;
  • Logistics of Twinning project activities;
  • Organisation of Twinning expert missions;
  • Purchase of Twinning project audit services.
Secondly, CPMA in its fields of expertise and experience can also provide its knowledge as a Twinning project partner.


International Trainings


The Central Project Management Agency having long professional experience in administering various EU and other donors’ financial support, proposes international trainings.

For more information about International Trainings, please follow this link far fa-external-link


Study Visits


The purpose of the study-visits to CPMA for delegations from other countries receiving EU support is to get to know the CPMA and its specialists’ experience how to administer EU financial assistance (PHARE, ISPA and other programmes). The study-visits by delegations of CFCU’s, Ministries of Finances, National Funds and other institutions took place in CPMA during 2005 – 2009 from the following countries:  Turkey, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania.

CPMA experts also go on study-visits to other countries receiving EU support to share its experience of EU financial support administration. The study-visits of CPMA experts took place during 2005 – 2009 in the following countries: Turkey, Romania and others.

For more information about Study Visits, please follow this link far fa-external-link


Individual Expert Activities


CPMA employees participate as individual experts in various European Union programmes, projects, for example, CPMA experts implemented various activities related to EU Twinning projects as TAIEX experts in Bulgarian CFCU and in the framework of EU projects – as experts in the Turkish CFCU, the Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia CFCU.

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