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Corruption prevention

Agency’s policy on corruption prevention

Transparency stands as one of the main values of the Central Project Management Agency (hereafter – CPMA). The Agency is acting openly and with trust, thus applying same principles to its employees as well as Clients and Partners.  

Everyone is encouraged to provide information about potentially opaque activities of our employees’ as per below:

All of the information by your own choice can be provided anonymously.

The person in charge of the CPMA’s corruption prevention policy is Mrs Erika Patupytė, Data protection officer. E: , Phone: +37052748730.

Please be reminded that your report on potentially corruptive actions can be submitted via Agency’s website by clicking on the section “Your Feedback” (left side of the website) and by selecting the message heading “How do you rate our work?”. The message is received anonymously if neither your name, surname nor e-mail address is inserted.

After having analysed the received information on potential corrupt activity (-ies) the CPMA informs the relevant sender on its outcome. The analysis of each report is conducted according to the procedure and terms established by the Law on Public Administration of the Republic of Lithuania.

Be informed that the person may not receive feedback on the outcomes of the analyses of reports on potential corrupt activity (-ies) if any of contact details were indicated. In such cases, the CPMA may decide to publicise the outcome via its website

Let us draw your attention to the fact that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania are prohibiting the false accusation of other person for having committed a crime. A criminal liability may be imposed.

The Agency despite cherishing cooperation with its Clients and Partners is pursuing the “No Gift policy”; therefore, the best reward either verbal and/or written appreciation of our work. However, we exchange the gifts as per international protocol, as well as gifts symbolising core traditions and values of our Clients and Partners. All the gifts received by our employees are registered.

Being an open, service and cooperation-oriented Agency we are declaring the principles above publicly, so that we all can avoid ambiguous situations.

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