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Action duration: 48 months     Total budget: 15,12 mln. EUR

Contribution signed on 21st of July, 2021 by the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and CPMA.

Financed by: jointly co-financed by the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and implemented by CPMA.

The Action is carried out at the following location: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine (hereinafter – EaP countries) and EU Member States.

Stakeholders in Eastern Partnership countries: Civil society organisations targeting youth; Youth Councils and other representative youth structures in EaP countries; Educational institutions, Public Employment services; Businesses.

Overall objective of EU4Youth phase III Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship programme is to foster an active participation and visibility of youth in society, economy, policy, by stimulating them to achieve leadership, entrepreneurship and other skills together encouraging to develop green economy and expanding digital literacy knowledge.

Development of digital skills, skills for greener economy and entrepreneurship skills

Grants scheme supporting youth employment and entrepreneurship in the EaP countries:

  • Re-skilling and upskilling of youth, especially disadvantaged youth, in terms of digital competences;
  • Development of social entrepreneurship and career management skills, linked to the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in the areas of green and digital economies.

The amount of the component is 6 mln. EUR.

Central Project Management Agency selected 9 regional projects grant award under the framework of EU4Youth phase III Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship.

The selected projects aim at encouraging the active involvement of youth in the job markets and social economy of Eastern Partnership countries, contributing to the promotion of sustainable and intelligent growth, social cohesion, and reduction of inequalities in societies. As of today, five regional teams have already started activities, and the remaining will be launched before September.

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Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) is launching the Call for proposals under EU4Youth Phase III Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship programme fostering youth employment and societal change through social entrepreneurship in Eastern Partnership Countries.

  1. Enhanced perspectives on the labour market through low-threshold access to digital and entrepreneurial competences for young disadvantaged people here
  2. Fostering Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Practical Career Management Skills through the innovative Social Student Companies Approach here
  3. Skills and Knowledge for Youth Empowerment Network here
  4. Social Entrepreneurship and Enhanced Development-based Skills here
  5. Greenhouse for Social Innovators here
  6. Upskilling digital competences and career management skills of disadvantaged youth here
  7. Building Back Better Through Social Entrepreneurship here


  1. Youth Employment in Times of Crisis: Personal Assistance Programme to support Persons with Autism, Intellectual and/or Psychosocial Disabilities here

Development of institutional set-up, capacities and cross-sector partnerships

Institutional building of relevant structures in the EaP countries supporting development of human capital and implementation of active labour market policies through adopting suitable elements from the EU Youth Guarantee, with the aim of integrating young people into the labour market, particularly targeting disadvantaged youth. Component will consists of the following work packages:

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  • Work Package 1: Building capacities of public employment services and key stakeholders focusing on institutional competences for implementation of Youth Guarantee-type actions at national and sub-national levels, including capacities for specific aspects of Youth Guarantee, i.e. mapping, outreach, preparation and offers to NEETs (youth not in employment, education and training).
  • Work Package 2: Facilitating policy dialogue through cross-sector partnerships focusing on policies for youth employment and employability and involving among others public employment services, youth councils, trade unions, employer organisations and education sector.
  • Work Package 3: Awareness raising amongst youth and employers focusing on youth employment as well as promoting decent work standards and giving general information important while entering the labour market.
  • Work package 4: Piloting selected Youth Guarantee – type measures in the EaP context covering all Youth Guarantee aspects, including mapping, outreach, preparation and offers, and cross-cutting issues as mobilising partnerships and improving monitoring.
  • Work Package 5: Supporting initiatives for validation and certification of skills acquired through informal/non-formal learning focusing on creating better links between youth work that contributes to skills development relevant to employability on the one hand and the broader developments related to qualifications frameworks.
  • Work Package 6: Facilitating networking and exchange among EaP countries targeting at creating opportunities for mutual cross-country exchanges of good and innovative practices among public employment services and other key stakeholders.

EU4Youth International Experts Core Team:

Strengthening understanding of European policies though high quality education

Scholarship for the College of Europe, Natolin campus allowing more students from the EaP countries to study at the College of Europe, to increase the understanding of EaP youth of European politics and governance and foster multi-cultural learning. 

NFP Communication tool kit can be found here

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CPMA will sign the grant contract with College of Europe, Natolin campus.

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Contacts and more information

For more information on EU4Youth programme please visit:

An important achievement of EU4Youth programme – publication of its third EU4Youth Achievements Report. The report presents the results of the programme in 2021, and the impact achieved in supporting young people in the region since the launch of EU4Youth in 2018. Moreover, building on these results, a set of recommendations has been developed to enhance and strengthen support for young people in the Eastern partner countries through EU4Youth.

EU4Youth Achievements Report 2022

EU4Youth Information Leaflet

CPMA Project Team:

Austėja Vilkelytė

Senior Project Manager

Eimantė Vaitekūnaitė

Project Manager

Erikas Jankauskas

Project Expert
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