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Online Twinning Training Programme “EU Twinning Project: from Proposal to Implementation"

EU Twinning
Online event

Central Project Management Agency invites you to an online training “EU Twinning project: from proposal to implementation with special focus and exchange of experience on remote work aspects” on 30 November - 1 December, 2022.

The trainees will be introduced to the main concepts of the European Union (EU) Twinning instrument, history, principles, statistics, actors and their roles, differences between EU Twinning and Twinning light projects, proposal preparation and presentation procedures, finding Member State (MS) partners and forming consortiums, tips for preparation of written Twinning proposal and practicing its oral presentation, Twinning projects’ implementation process, administration and visibility. Moreover, participants will have an opportunity to exchange experience on remote work aspects, getting familiar with the practices implemented during this period.

Training language - English. Training platform – Microsoft Teams.      

Registration form. You are welcome to complete the online registration form as early as possible and not later than 10 days before the training.

After receiving your online registration form, we will send you the registration confirmation and a Pre-Invoice for advance payment of the training fee. Fee in EUR (per participant) - 575 EUR. The fee includes training material. Please note, that registration fee is not refundable without official cancelation in prior 5 days of the Twinning training.

CPMA reserves the right to cancel/postpone the training 10 days before the first training day in case it has not confirmed the training earlier.


For more information about CPMA Twinning training, please contact:

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