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8th years in a row Lithuanian Twinning experience attracts international experts to attend the Twinning training organized by CPMA

8th years in a row Lithuanian Twinning experience attracts international experts to attend the...

On 23-24 October, officials from Finland, Latvia, Tunisia, Sweden and Lithuania took part in two days training: “EU Twinning project: Proposal Preparation, Practical Implementation and Management“ organized by CPMA.

National Twinning Coordinator of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania welcomed the participants in Lithuania, which according to 2017 data of European Commission is among the top 3 Member State countries winning the most Twinning projects. The participants were introduced to the basic principles of the Twinning project proposal preparation, new visibility and practical project management procedures. Lithuanian experts shared their experience and tips for the smooth implementation of Twinning projects. It is worth to mention, that in 2018 CPMA was the only European institution organizing international Twinning trainings. 

During the training, attendees had a chance to discuss the main principles of new Twinning project preparation and exchange their experiences. Participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the practical experience of the recent Resident Twinning Advisor from Lithuania, who has just finished to implement Twinning project in Croatia.

 International Twinning training was held according to the new Twinning Manual. Since 2010 CPMA provides international and national EU Twinning project proposals’ preparation and administration trainings in which more than 600 participants were trained. Furthermore, CPMA has won 48 EU Twinning projects since 2009 when Lithuania started to participate in EU Twinning programme as a Member State and has administrated 125 projects while Lithuania was a Beneficiary country in the EU Twinning programme.

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