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Ignalina Programme

Lithuania is in the process of decommissioning Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) in line with Protocol 4 of the Accession Treaty.
Under the Ignalina Programme, assistance is provided for the decommissioning of INPP and the related social consequences as well as supporting measures in the energy sector in Ignalina NPP region to mitigate the loss of electrical generating  capacity.


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CPMA's functions

The European Commission made a direct Delegation Agreement with CPMA as the National Agency for the implementation of Decommissioning of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant under “indirect” management.

CPMA’s main functions under this Agreement are:

  • setting up Management and Control systems;
  • signing Grant Agreements;
  • participating in the project management cycle (programming/assessment of projects, supervision of implementation, control of procurement and eligibility of costs, on-the- spot checks, irregularity management, payments and accounting, publicity and visibility).


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More information

More information about the process of decommissioning Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant can be found here far fa-external-link

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