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Development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Plan (SECAP) for municipalities and cities in Turkey Q&A

International Projects



Enhancement of the Operational and Logistical Capacities of the Directorate of Witness and Special Persons Protection

Project Type: EU Twinning programme
Beneficiary institution: Directorate for the Protection of Witnesses and Justice Collaborators, Department of Crime Investigations, Albanian State Police
Year: 2011 - 2012
Budget: 600 000 EUR
Leader: Hungary
CPMA role: Partner
Project purpose:  to build long-term capacity at strategic and operational levels within the Albanian State Police Directorate for Witness Protection, the Office of the General Prosecutor, the Court and the Prison Service regarding the implementation of the new Law of Witness Protection. 

Strengthening of capacities of the Consumer Protection Commission and its Technical Secretariat

Project Type: EU Twinning programme
Beneficiary institution: Ministry of Economic Development, Trade
Year: 2017
Budget: 250 000 EUR
Leader: Lithuania
CPMA role: Partner
Project purpose: Strengthening and enhancing the institutional capacities of the relevant authorities for enforcement of consumer protection legislation through:
Harmonisation of the relevant practices for enforcement of consumer protection legislation with EU best practices;
Contribution on developing the capacity of relevant institutions and raising public awareness of consumers' rights.

Assistance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Project type: EU Twinning project
Beneficiary institution: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (Turkey)
Years: 2013-2015
Budget: 950 000 EUR
Leader: Poland
CPMA role: partner
Overall objective: to promote an environmental-friendly, safer and sustainable transport system, whilst the specific goal of the project is to improve further alignment with the EU acquis, enhance the capacity of the MoTMC and relevant institutions responsible for implementing the transport of dangerous goods by road for better implementation and establish a sustainable and efficient system for the transport of dangerous goods.

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