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Development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Plan (SECAP) for municipalities and cities in Turkey Q&A

International Projects



Support to the State Revenue Committee for Strengthening of Customs Control Procedures and Enforcement in the Republic of Armenia according to the Best Practice in the EU Member States

Project Type: EU Twinning programme
Beneficiary institution: State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia             
Year: 2012-2014
Budget: 1 000 000 EUR
Leader: Lithuania
CPMA role: Partner
Project purpose: The project will address the relevant legislation, specific operational procedures and trade relationships and will provide sustainable benefits within a strong strategic base together with a cascade training approach. In addition, it will provide best practice transfer of experience and knowledge from Member State twinning partner(s) based on EU Customs Strategic Blueprints and WCO and WTO standards.

Enhancing Civil Protection in Armenia

Project type: EU Twinning programme

Duration: 2021-2023

Budget: 1 000 000 EUR

Leader: Sweden

CPMA role:  Consultant

Overall objective: To make Armenia disaster resilient and ensure significant reduction of various disaster risks to human lives, country’s economy and communities.

Specific objective: To strengthen disaster risk management capacities through enhancing and building a comprehensive civil protection system.

Support to law enforcement and security reforms in Armenia

Project type: Indirect management programme
Years: 2023-2025
Budget: 2 222 222, 91 euro (CPMA part 2 097 118, 51 euro).
Leader: CPMA
CPMA role: Implementation of the programme.
Project purpose: to support Armenia in its law enforcement and security sector reforms in line with priorities as identified by the CEPA and EU best practices.
Specific objectives:

  • SO 1. To support establishment and proper functioning of the new Ministry of Interior with transparent reporting mechanism: it aims to support a proper functioning new Ministry of Interior law enforcement and security reforms that builds trust to the Armenian citizen.
  • SO 2. To support implementing the Police reform deriving from the 2020-2022 Police Reforms Strategy and to support drafting full package of the follow up new for the new Police Reforms Strategy.
  • SO 3. To support modernization of migration, personal identity documents and border management services: it will oversee the modernization of Armenian MoI services with the aim of being more effective, to build a one stop shop for services for the citizens and to enhance their trust in the Ministry.
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