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Launch of the PASCAL project to support Civil Society and Local Administration in Angola

Launch of the PASCAL project to support Civil Society  and Local Administration in Angola

The Delegation of the European Union to Angola (DUE), the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MAT), the Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas (FIIAPP-Spain) and the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA-Lithuania), announce the launch of the PASCAL project, “Project to Support Civil Society and Local Administration in Angola”.

The event took place on 2 February 2022 the Hotel Trópico de Luanda.

“Our key priorities in the PASCAL are to gather the best international and national expertise which would correspond to actual needs of the Partner institutions and civil society searching for a balance between these two actors, to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking and partnership and to find the optimal solutions to support Civil society participation in local Governance. CPMA will contribute to raising awareness to civil society on their rights, decentralization and participatory governance and will be responsible for releasing grants”, - shared Ruta Grigaliuniene, Head of International Development Cooperation Projects Division of CPMA.

PASCAL will promote the exchange of knowledge, skills and good practices between the EU, Angola and other African and Latin American countries to support the country's institutional strengthening and create mechanisms for the inclusive and effective participation of citizens.

To achieve the general objective, the project foresees the following specific objectives:

1 - Improve the legislative, regulatory and institutional framework for participatory governance at all levels.

2 - Strengthen and increase the participation of civil society, particularly under-represented groups in decision-making, such as women and young people, in participatory governance platforms at the national level and in 25 municipalities in the provinces of Benguela, Huambo, Huíla, Luanda and Malange.

3 - Increase the level of information and awareness among citizens, especially women and young people, about their rights, the work of public institutions, decentralization and participatory governance.

Fully funded by the European Union (EU) with an allocated budget of 5.8 MEUR for an implementation period PASCAL will last for 48 months, starting on June 1, 2021, with an  overall objective to contribute to economic growth and social development of the country through an inclusive, heterogeneous and effective participation of civil society in the process of local governance.

Framed in the Angolan and EU policies for the consolidation of civil society, and processes of decentralization and local development, the project envisages increasing the participation and collaboration of citizens in local governance as an effective way to achieve stable frameworks of coexistence and strengthen the democratic mechanisms.

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