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Co-presidency responsibilities for the newcomer of the Practitioners' Network for European Development Cooperation

The Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) together with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) will take over the presidency of the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation in 2021. The decision was made on the 4th of May during a remote General Assembly by the CEOs of development cooperation agencies of the EU Member States, united by the Practitioners‘ Network.

This is a very significant acknowledgement of the CPMA, since this is the first time the Practitioners’ Network will be co-chaired by an agency from a Member State, which joined the EU after 2004. CPMA itself became a member of the Network only two years ago.

„Great confidence has been shown in the Agency and we are given an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the strengthening of the European development cooperation on a strategic level. I believe that the co-presidency of German and Lithuanian agencies with different experiences will be a great example of how working together we can produce new insights, inspirations and ideas on how to strengthen sustainable cooperation, enrich our own agencies, the Network and finally our partner states“,- CPMA director‘s Lidija Kasubiene thoughts on the new presidency.

European platform of cooperation

Until now, through active observation and involvement in the Network’s working groups, CPMA has gained experience in implementing public sector competence projects and initiating discussions on more effective involvement of this sector in the implementation of EU-funded programmes and projects.

The Practitioners’ Network brings together representatives of the organisations to work together while strengthening and implementing the development cooperation policies of the EU Member States and provides an opportunity to share information and experience. Within this Network the agencies work closely with the European Commission's Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), which participates in the network as an observer. The Network currently has 17 full members (Including SIDA, GIZ, ADA, FD, FIIAPP, Expertise France, British Council, etc.) and 2 associate members.

Activities in Steering committee and working groups

GIZ and CPMA will also be members of the Network's Steering Committee for three years (2020-2023). This ensures the continuity of effective Network management – the agencies overtaking leadership will closely cooperate with current and upcoming presidencies of the Network..  

Together with the British Council and the French Agency for Development Cooperation (AFD), the CPMA will co-lead the Network's working group "Effective Partnerships". The main objectives of this group is strengthening mutual knowledge and exchange in order to fully foster the principles of the Network and contribute to improved joint implementation practices.

This year, the co-presidency of the Practinioners’ Network is led by the Enabel and LuxDev agencies.

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