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CPMA is gathering experts from key justice sector institutions in Lithuania for PRAVO-Justice project

CPMA is gathering experts from key justice sector institutions in Lithuania for PRAVO-Justice...

Following the adoption of the EU program “Support Rule of Law Reforms in Ukraine” (PRAVO) in November 2017 by the European Neighborhood Instrument’s Committee, the Expertise France was identified to implement the 1st axis of intervention “Support to justice sector reforms” (PRAVO-Justice) through the indirect management. The Expertise France (EF) leads the “PRAVO – Justice” project and the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) is implementing the component on “E-Justice”.

The CPMA as an implementing partner and the EF started cooperation beginning May 2018 after signing the Grant agreement. The CPMA among many other tasks will be in charge of mobilizing best experts to be deployed on short term to Ukraine. For that reason the agreement with key justice sector institutions in Lithuania has been launched namely with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, with the National Court Administration, with the Lithuania Justice Institute and the Universities.

The project shall enforce practical fair access to justice for all, based on the rule of law and respect of common European democratic values and standards. The “PRAVO-Justice” addresses the needs of Ukraine to accomplish the reform of the Justice Sector Institutions (JSIs). The project with a budget of 15 million € for the period from beginning December of 2017 until beginning of December of 2020 will be based in Kyiv. The Project involves experts from various EU Member States and beyond.

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