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Lithuania Spotlights Successful Ukraine Rebuilding Projects and Future Initiatives in Warsaw

Lithuania Spotlights Successful Ukraine Rebuilding Projects and Future Initiatives in Warsaw

Lithuania has presented tangible Ukraine recovery initiatives at the second International ReBuild Ukraine exhibition in Warsaw on 14-15 November.

The joint exhibition stand of the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA), the Innovation Agency, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Construction Sector Development Agency showcased Lithuania‘s ongoing and future projects. 

Among them was presented the kindergarten Rūta reconstruction in Irpin that became first fully finished recovery project integrated into Ukraine‘s state digital system for transparent recovery DREAM. Now all stages, main documents and milestones of this project are accessible to everyone, allowing both donors and communities to learn from it. CPMA also demonstrated progress in the Borodianka school rebuilding, planned to be finished by the end of this year, new project of Snigurivka school reconstruction, and ongoing initiative of the Future School For Ukraine – adaptive technical design for building new schools.

According to the last assessment of the World Bank, learning losses for the Ukrainian society could potentially be estimated in trillions of dollars. Talking to the communities of Cherson, Chernigiv, Mykolaiv, Trostyanets and other territories of Ukraine, representatives of CPVA presented Lithuania‘s Future School For Ukraine initiative to create a 90% ready adaptive technical design, which wil be used by the Ukrainian institutions and international donors involved in the reconstruction of the war-torn country.

"We aim to leverage Lithuania’s expertise in the recovery and growth of the education sector in Ukraine. The Future School for Ukraine project was collaboratively developed by the Ukrainian and Lithuanian educators and architects and is a great opportunity not just to rebuild destroyed schools, but also to create a high-quality learning environment", said Mariana Varkaliene, Project Manager of CPVA.

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