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The EU-supported Onsite Training on Profiling and Services for Job Seekers was held in Georgia

The EU-supported Onsite Training on Profiling and Services for Job Seekers was held in Georgia

With the support of the EU, within the EU4Youth Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship programme, the onsite training on profiling and services for job seekers was held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 29-30 January, in Yerevan, Armenia on 1-2 February and in Chisinau, Moldova on 5-6 February, 2024.

Specifically tailored for frontline staff at the Public Employment Service (PES) in Eastern Partnership countries (EaP), the training aimed to seamlessly introduce profiling methods, tools, and services for job seekers.

Day one of the event covered optimizing job matching and placement services. PES staff learned to assess both technical and soft skills using techniques like interviews and self-assessment tools. Effective communication, cultural competence, and a clear understanding of data privacy and ethical standards are essential when working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

On day two, the training continued with a focus on facilitating successful employment outcomes for job seekers, including conducting needs assessments, effective career counseling, and developing personalized action plans. The program addressed technology use for job matching, guidance on resume writing, interview preparation, and effective job search strategies. Special attention was given to assisting diverse groups, including youth, individuals with disabilities, and those facing employment barriers.

In crafting the training model for the event, the focus extended beyond traditional education to encompass motivation and inspiration. Participants had the opportunity to engage with various methods, including interactive talks, group discussions, case studies, role plays, video lessons (where possible), working groups, on-the-job and field exercises, mapping exercises, and presentations. It fostered greater synergy and interaction between the trainer and participants, creating a positive and productive learning experience throughout the event.

Lectures, kept interactive within a 30-minute limit, provided participants with a clear framework. Facilitated discussions and practical exercises followed, encouraging the translation of theory into practical tools. Group exercises promoted peer learning, emphasizing feedback loops. Coaching and mentoring elements were integrated, particularly when trainers shared practical EU Member States' experiences.

The EU4Youth Phase III Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship programme, funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, is being executed by the Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) in Eastern Partnership countries. These include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus[1], Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. The programme will run until the end of 2024 and aims to provide technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental organisations to tackle youth unemployment and enhance employability.

[1] In line with the Council Conclusions of 12 October 2020 and in light of Belarus’s involvement in the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, recognised in the European Council Conclusions of February 2022, the EU has stopped engaging with Belarusian authorities. The EU focuses on intensifying cooperation with non-state stakeholders, including notably civil society, independent media and youth via its relevant cooperation programmes.

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