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The European Humanities University and the consortium of Belarusian non-governmental organizations will hold a decisive meeting on the development of distance learning in Belarus

The European Humanities University and the consortium of Belarusian non-governmental...

The European Humanities University (EHU) and  the consortium of Belarusian non-governmental organizations are proud to announce an upcoming consultation meeting initiated by the Center for Distance Learning entitled “Belarusian Online Education: From Locality to Partnership and Network.”

This important gathering will bring together key stakeholders from EHU, the Central Project Management Agency (CPVA), Consortium of Belarusian non-governmental organizations and independent Belarusian distance learning providers. The initiative is funded by the European Union, emphasizing the significance of this collaborative effort in advancing education for Belarus.

The primary focus of the meeting will be the discussion of the “Concept of the Distance Learning Hub” and the strategic steps required for its establishment. The Distance Learning Hub Initiative aims to transform the landscape of online education in Belarus, fostering collaboration among educational institutions and organizations to enhance the accessibility and quality of distance learning opportunities.

Specific objective of the action is to set up and run a functioning “Clearing house” institution to facilitate the matching of demands from Belarusian students, academics and professionals for alternative development for alternative opportunities for Belarusian students, lecturers and academics with the opportunities offered by the EU Member States.

The Distance Learning Hub Initiative seeks to create a dynamic platform where stakeholders can share resources, expertise, and best practices in distance education. By pooling their knowledge and resources, participants hope to contribute to the development of a robust and interconnected online learning ecosystem in Belarus. The consultation meeting marks a significant step towards achieving this goal. It will provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas, explore potential partnerships, and lay the foundation for future collaborative efforts in the field of distance education. 

This initiative is a part of the EU4Belarus – funded by the European Union, Support to Advanced Learning and Training (SALT II) project is being implemented by the Central Project Management Agency (CPVA). SALT II will continue its activities until the end of 2025, focusing on promoting mobility and people-to-people contacts for Belarusian youth, academics, and professionals to benefit from access to higher education and opportunities for lifelong-learning compliant with the EU standards and values.

The event will take place on the 26th of September at the EHU premises in room 220 (Savičiaus st. 17.)

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