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Support to Civil Society in Local Governance in Angola (PASCAL)

Support to Civil Society in Local Governance in Angola


Budget: 6 000 000 EUR

Duration: 48 months

Start date: 1 June 2021     End date: 31 May 2025

Project purpose: to contribute to economic growth and social development through an inclusive, heterogeneous and effective participation of civil society in the governance process

Implemented by International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (Spain) and The Central Project Management Agency (CPVA).


The specific objectives:

1. To improve the legislative, regulatory and institutional framework for participatory governance;

2. To promote enhanced and effective participation of civil society, particularly for groups that are underrepresented in decision making such as women and youth, in participatory governance platforms at national level and in 25 municipalities. This objective addresses factors that contribute to the good functioning of the platforms and to an effective contribution of civil society to strategies, policies, plans, budgets and monitoring of public policies, spending and services.

3. To increase the level of information and the awareness of citizens, especially women and youth, on their rights, the work of public institutions, decentralization and participatory governance. This objective addresses the important gaps in information about decentralization, increasing awareness levels for an increased participation of civil society, with specific focus on women. The objective aims at supporting the design of a national communication strategy by institutions and civil society and implementing specific items of the strategy.

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