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Fund for the Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid aims to support the implementation of a flexible, responsive and continuous results-oriented development cooperation policy and to empower Lithuanian public and private sector institutions to implement large-scale, high added-value projects in partner countries.

By the decision of the Fund‘s Governing Board the funding is allocated to the projects and programs selected through calls for proposals, to direct funding projects or programmes, and for ensuring national co-financing of programmes and projects financed by international donors.

The Fund's Governing Board is composed of 7 members delegated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Project Management Agency, the Lithuanian Information and Communication Technology Association "Infobalt", the Association of Lithuanian Municipalities, and non-governmental organisations active in the field of development cooperation. 


Fund’s projects from calls for proposals

Information about the Projects from calls for proposals:

Information about the Projects from calls for proposals: Calls for proposals for the implementation of projects and programmes are published in the Calls for proposals section of the CPVA website.

Direct funding projects

Information about the direct funding:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs submits proposals for the implementation of Development Cooperation Projects through direct funding to Fund‘s Governing Board.

Co-financed projects

Information about national co-financing:

A legal or natural person of the Republic of Lithuania may submit to the Fund’s Governing Board (by email a request for the allocation of national co-financing funds for the implementation of a programme or a project financed by international donors. In its request, the legal or natural person seeking national co-financing shall indicate the purpose, the targeted results, the duration, the budget and the amount of national co-financing requested, a justification of compliance of the proposed co-financing project with the strategic directions of the development cooperation policy, the priorities, areas and directions for distributing the Fund's resources, and information on the applicant's experience in development cooperation.

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